Food for Living


When you are at an event and you see a table full of your favorite foods, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? If you are a little panicked, that’s OK! This month Donna gave you some great tips on enjoying yourself and still keeping your health in mind. Some of these tips are:

  • Bring a low-fat dish to share with others

  • Get in more exercise to burn off the extra calories

  • Look at all food options before making your plate

  • Choose 2 or 3 foods you REALLY want

  • Get small portions

  • Don’t overflow your plate with food

  • Eat slowly

  • Stick to non-alcoholic beverages (water is best)

  • Don’t take home leftovers


Here are a few extra tips! Eating healthy foods before the party, like carrot sticks, celery, or apples, helps curb your appetite. Don’t skip meals to save room for food at the celebration. Starving yourself only makes you want to eat more.



“There are always challenges. Where I work there’s always a party going on... Trying not to be tempted to eat the cake or pie... Some days are better than others. The best thing for me is not to see things and then I don’t think about it or crave it...”