SisterTalk Ground Rules

SisterTalk: Ground Rules

1)  The purpose of the group is to provide information and guidance on diet and activity.

2)  This group is a safe and nonjudgmental place – where you can express feelings and feel supported.

3)  Speak your mind – Be honest. Say what you think.

4)  There are no dumb questions.

5)  Listen – Let people finish what they have to say; give everybody a chance to talk; try to understand others’ perspectives.

6)  Take charge – be responsible for your own learning.

7)  Keep information shared in the group private and confidential (required).

8)  Begin and end the session on time.

9)  Be considerate – show respect and do not discount anyone.

10)  Ask questions one at a time; when questions cannot be immediately answered, we will use a “parking lot” and return to them later.

11)  Only use the SisterTalk app or website during the session.  Refrain from using social media or other unrelated apps.

12)  Be respectfully focused on the group.  Do not text, chat online, or take calls during class.

Any other ground rules your church has added?

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