Activity Snacks


Lennie showed us some great ways to add little bursts of activity throughout our day at the offce. We call this “chair activity.” There are numerous activities that can be done from your chair. Try some leg lifts. It’s a great chair activity. All you do is lift your right leg up and out in front of you. Hold it up for about 15 seconds. Switch legs and repeat for another 15 second hold. This activity is sure to give you that extra boost throughout your day. And, the best part is that you don’t have to be at work to have this snack! Try these anytime you nd yourself in a chair - in the car or on the bus.


For more activity snacks in the offce, try:

  • Knee lifts
  • Neck and shoulder stretches
  • Take a “walk break”

Use this activity snack at:

  • Work
  • While watching TV
  • While waiting for an appointment