Session 8: Environmental Triggers
Keepin’ It Real


  • Triggers are things that set us off in a direction in which we may or may not want to go.

  • Triggers are powerful messages from our environment and are things we can see, smell, taste, or even touch.

  • In order to reach our goals, we have to avoid negative triggers in our path. We all have the power to change our environment to some degree.

  • One of our goals should be to change some things around us to make it easier for us to eat better and become more physically active.

  • List some ideas that you think will help you to eat better.

Some possible ways to help you eat better are:
1. Keep fruits on hand and eat them in between meals when you feel like snacking.
2. Drink water when thirsty rather than soda.
3. Shop with a list.

  • List 4 ways to help you to become more physically active.


Some suggestions about increasing physical activity are:

  1. Take the stairs.
  2. Play with children.
  3. Dance to music.
  4. Exercise with friends and family.
  5. Go for walks in your spare time.