Session 2: Setting Goals
Keepin’ It Real


An example of a positive goal is:

“I will have baked or stewed chicken this week, instead of fried chicken.”

An example of a realistic goal is:

“I will start walking by going for 10 minutes, and I’ll do that 3 days this week.”


Review the information we discussed in Show 2, then circle TRUE or FALSE for each of the following statements.

Look carefully at the following 5 goal statements, then circle the one that you think is not realistic.

This week, I will make macaroni and cheese using a lower fat cheese.

This week, I will drink 2% milk instead of whole milk with dinner.

This week, I will have fruit instead of chips for a snack on at least two nights.

This week, I will try a new recipe for oven fried chicken.

I will eat more fruit and fewer chips.




  • Write one realistic goal that you have set for yourself.

  • Write one positive goal that you have set for yourself.