Food for Living


SWEETS! Many of us crave chocolates, cakes, and pies, but these foods don’t have to be our enemy. Let’s learn to make better choices when it comes to sweets; that way we can still enjoy them in moderation.

Make better choices by:

  • Looking for low-fat options in desserts

  • Trying healthy alternatives to desserts you love

  • Bringing a low-fat dessert to share when at a party

  • Sticking to desserts that are mostly from real fruits

  • Keeping your portion size small

  • Trying fruit as your dessert option

Sisters, it also helps if we are prepared for the unexpected! We might not always be in an environment where we can opt to have the fresh fruit instead of the chocolate cake. Here are a few tips for healthier snack options on the run:

  • If you have to stop for food, think ahead about healthy options you can order

  • Make yourself aware of healthier options

  • Plan for a reasonable snack portion size

  • Prepare foods ahead of time


“Sometimes you have the choice between a diabetic dessert and a regular dessert. So, I try to stick to the diabetic desserts, but from time to time I tend to have a regular dessert. Maybe once in awhile I’ll have them. If I get the English muffins I use the diet jelly instead of butter and I found that to be very tasty...”