Session 10: Social Situations
Keepin’ It Real


Celebrations are great times for socializing and having fun. They can also be times when you tend to overeat. You can socialize and have fun even when you choose healthy foods. It is always better to think of your goals for eating. At celebrations you might feel pressured to eat.

  • How can you avoid overeating and enjoy the celebration at the same time?

  • Possible solutions to avoid overeating at celebrations:

    1. Engage in conversations to help keep your mind on the food.
    2. Keep away from the food table.
    3. Pressure due to work load.
    4. Think of your health and tell your friends and family how you feel about it.
  • Stress can cause us to overeat and also to make unhealthy choices at celebrations. List some actions that you could take to reduce your level of stress.

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Some thoughts to consider:

  1. Deep breathing is an excellent stress-relieving method.
  2. Positive self-talk has been proven to relieve stress.
  3. Ask yourself if you really need food or just calm down when you feel like overeating.
  4. When stressed, close your eyes and visualize something pleasant such as blue skies and bright sunlight with a gentle wind blowing


Survival tips for parties and special events.
Parties, picnics, receptions and graduations can lead to overeating many high calorie foods.

  • List 3 special gatherings where you might eat and drink more than you want to.

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Here are some tips to help you control overeating in these situations:

  • Be positive! It’s good to be in control and choose how and what you eat, no matter where you go.

  • Stay away from the food table. It can be helpful to keep your hands busy with a glass of water, coffee, tea, or diet soda.

  • Focus on having fun to take your mind off the food. People may not notice whether or not you’re eating when you add life to a party.

  • Eat something light before you go. This will keep you from being too hungry and eating too much.

  • Offer to bring a tasty dish that is light and healthy. You don’t need to tell anyone that it is low fat.

  • Make simple requests to your host that can help you make healthy food choices. For example, ask if baked chicken or fish can be served.

  • At buffets and potluck dinners try small portions of the foods you want. That way you get to taste them without getting all the calories you would in a larger portion.

  • Fill half your plate with vegetables and fruit instead of fattening dishes.

  • If you can, take a walk or dance after your meal. This will help burn off some of the extra calories that you may have eaten.

  • Eat less fat for a few days before and/or after a special occasion.

  • Spend more time talking than eating.