Session 5: Social Support
Keepin’ It Real



Building a team is about getting support from friends, family, and believe it or not, yourself.
One way to begin to get support is to decide what kind of support you need and then to ask for it.

Here is a scenario that might be familiar:
Latisha and Myra are talking in Latisha’s kitchen.

LATISHA: “ You know Myra, I really want to be more active, have more energy and maybe even get rid of some of these love handles. Last time we went out dancing, I felt like my heart was going to come out of my chest.”

MYRA: “I hear you!”

LATISHA: “I just can’t find the time. When I finally get a little bit of time, I am always so tired. I get up in the morning, get ready for work, and get the kids ready for school. After work, I need to fix some dinner, clean up, and then maybe do some housework. Darnel says he’s going to help with the dishes, but after dinner, he just goes in the bathroom and comes out just as I am doing the last dish. I wish I could find some ways to be more active.”

  • What do you think Myra will say in response to support Latisha?

  • Write down some suggestions to help Latisha ask for support AND also to add more physical activity to her life.

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