Let’s Get Going


Sisters, these past 12 weeks have been full of struggles and temptations, but it is not over yet. Though the SisterTalk program is ending, your journey is not. You will continue to experience struggles and temptations so be prepared. Know that you can refer back to your SisterTalk materials and videos at anytime during your journey to give you extra strength and encouragement. Keep working with your church group and partners. Also, try finding new groups to work with to keep you motivated. Just keep working at it! Try one or more of the following:

  • A recreational team

  • Membership in a gym

  • YMCA or YWCA

  • Arrange an activity class at your church

  • Start a walking club

  • Public skating at your local ice rink

  • Swimming with a group of friends

Don’t let this be the last stop on your journey. Once you meet your goal, set a new one. Continue forward on your path to a healthier body!