Activity Snacks


Sisters, we are down to our last activity snack for the show, using a chair. Place your hands on your chair for balance, but don’t lean on it. Lift and lower legs, one at a time. Do as many as you feel you can. You can use your chair for squats too. Bend from your hips and then come up.

These short bursts of physical activity have provided you with the benefit of getting in your activity and not losing any time. These snacks are important and extremely beneficial for the rest of your journey. Remember to take advantage of those idle times in line, at home, and at the next celebration. Most importantly, when you fall off the bandwagon don’t be afraid to jump back on. You can pick up your active routine whenever and wherever you want. Here are some of the activity snacks provided for you. Good luck sisters!

Extra steps add up
Activity around the house
Finding activities that you enjoy
Waking up with activity
Playing as an activity
Staying active in the kitchen

Taking a breath
Shopping around for activity
Watching TV actively
Climbing the stairs
Keeping active at the office
Using a chair